Zenbu Wireless Internet is used at Kapiti Holiday resort. Zenbu is the most popular internet access system at accommodations in New Zealand. Please note however that due to the size of the hedges Zenbu Wifi is only available
directly outside the office, not anywhere else within the camp.

Campers can purchase Zenbu wireless internet access for use in our camp in 2 ways:

1. Directly from Zenbu by going to their website www.zenbu.net.nz. Here you put in your credit card details and purchase an access code. You will then be emailed the access code to grant internet access for the amount of money you specified.
Access codes purchased online from the Zenbu website can be used at all Zenbu wireless zones in New Zealand

2. By purchasing an access code (voucher) from the office at Kapiti Holiday Resort. Vouchers purchased at the Kapiti Holiday Resort office can only be used at Kapiti Holiday Resort. Vouchers purchased at Kapiti Holiday Resort remain valid for 12 months or until all credit on the voucher has been used.

Please ensure your device can connect to the wireless with sufficient signal strength before purchasing a voucher.

Vouchers available to purchase:

The  Puddle     500mb    $5.00
The  Ripple      2GB         $10.00
The  Wave        5GB         $15.00
The Tsunami   10GB       $20.00